by Melted

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released February 5, 2015

Recorded and mixed at Jazz Cats Studio in Long Beach with Jonny Bell
Mastered by Jeff Narvaez and Gabe Ochoa
Layout by Olyvia Ashley >>>



all rights reserved


Melted Corona, California

Three Dudes
Rough Times

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Track Name: Still Waiting
On a morpheme drip
For a magic trip
On the world to turn
For the frays to burn

Still Waiting

For the wrecking ball
For the bridge to fall
For the setting sun
For a path to run
Track Name: 25 Years
I thought if I could crash this car
That things wouldn't be so fucking hard
But I was wrong
I thought if I could do it again
There are things I know i would change
But they're all gone

25 years too late
25 years too late
I want my sons to know
That this wasn't the way it was planned to go
25 years too late

And with the lick of a pen
It's all new again

I thought if i could just breathe in
I could control the spiral spin
But now its gone
I thought if I could take the chance
That i could take a second glance
But now its done
Track Name: Old Lady Aveune
I'm a dog and no one wants me
I'm a mess and I cant get clean

I ain't got no avenue
No street to come home to
Not piece of the earth to call my own

I'm on the run, I'm just a stray
I'm out looking for the right prey
Track Name: Sleep
I'm not leaving this bed today
I just want to sleep forever
I'm not leaving this head today
I just want to die
Track Name: Pepper and Milk
I found a ghost sleeping in my bed
I watched origami flowers wilt
The bitterness of the last kiss
Well it tastes just like regret

Like pepper and milk

I've got it written on my wrists that your never coming home
Three letters, I stare, until it kills the hope
And every night, I cave and say a little prayer
To a god that doesn't hear it, give a fuck, or just ain't there

You gave it up when your golden boy began to rust
You walked away and let brick and bone turn to dust
You left behind failing organs and an empty husk
You made good on the promise of the love and lost

Written by James Rowen
Track Name: Makeshift
You can't break the stare of these hungry eyes
You can't the ever wonder inside the ride
You can't repair the cage around a dead heart
And you can't pull my strings and move me to sing
Preach the rites

Makeshift shape shifter
Left coast zip tripper
Gone? Lost? Blacklisted?
Broke. Pissed. Close-fisted.

And I swear I'm coming for you

You can't kiss the cheek of a loveless face
You can't fix the haunted wall of a ruined place
You can't prescribe true thoughts of joy
and you can't pull my strings and move me to sing
Navigate the waves